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Media Training


Media Training prepares you to confidently handle any media opportunity for you or your company.

In a media interview, you do not know what you will be asked nor can you tell what will be reported. But if you are well prepared, you can use the opportunity to convey the specific messages you want.

At KRA Mastership, we show you how to maximize a media opportunity by training you on the techniques to develop your messages and have control over how you respond. The training covers the three key elements that make for a successful media interaction:

Prepare for all scenarios: unplanned, live, recorded
Develop and remember the messages that you want to convey
Be ready with quotes and sound bites that media can use

Appear sincere, relaxed and comfortable
Speak clearly and confidently without hesitation
Dress codes, postures, use of hands

Control fear to listen and focus on providing the precise response
Stay out of traps and gain control to get in the messages you want
Engage interviewer for more insightful reporting

The Media Training you receive is interactive, practical.

Pre Training
Training starts with a preparation interview, usually a couple of days before, to discuss your environment and requirements so we can try to work with content and examples that are relevant for you.

IMG_2610A great way to learn how to handle a media interaction is to act as if you are already in one. Therefore, you get right into practical training through a series of simulated media interview exercises. You respond to mock interviews on video camera multiple times and work through various in class drills to help you quickly develop, remember, and deliver your key messages with maximum effect. Each time we analyze your last “media interaction,” you will see a great improvement which will point out how to be more effective the next time. Before you know it, the fear and discomfort in public response situations—which most people experience initially—will go into the background and you will start looking for ways to be more impactful and get your messages carried by the media.

Training duration: One Day

Post Training
By the end of the day, you will be more confident and media ready. During training, you were with your trainer who can guide and remind you. But post training, people quite often forget lessons and assume they will do fine at the actual media interview. Sure you might, but it’s good to practice for best effect. To help you with that, after your training, we will discuss your stronger and weaker areas and plan a practice module that you can do on your own. When you are ready, we will be happy to review and critique it for further improvement.

Training page pic1What if you are not a company spokesperson today?
Speaking to media on behalf of your company is a very significant and prestigious position. If you are not handling media responses today, you may have to someday. When you do, you want to maximize the opportunity because media is a powerful platform to create awareness and build a strong image about your company.

While Media Training is focused on media response situations, media training can also strongly benefit you in other non-media question and answer situations. For example, you may need to address a union or shareholder’s meeting where tricky questions will come from all sides. Your immediate but relaxed delivery of precise responses can have a positive impact on the audience and avoid a crisis. Several of the elements covered in the media training will help you here.

Therefore, to broad base your capability to respond to any audience with confidence, you may wish to consider a customized program that draws from both our Presentation Training and Media Training modules to give you the components you really need. We will be happy to design one for your specific requirements.